The story of Tchi Tchi

Tchi Tchi is a special handbag companion, with star-like charms, that came from a world full of dreams and fairy tales. She is so adorable and discreet that you won't resist taking her wherever you go.

Inspired by the world of fashion and adapted to your personal taste, Tchi Tchi does her best to stay hip, trendy and elegant, but never fails to remain the little classy escort she truly is. This convenient handcrafted doll brings an extra element of style and luxury to you appearance, while always hanging by your side.

The Craftsmanship

Hand sewed with high-end finishes and materials, each Tchi Tchi is one of a kind and different from any other doll. We only use first class fur, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, genuine silk and the best of French lace. Authenticity is key, as there are no machines involved in the creation process.

The idea behind customizing Tchi Tchi according to its future owner's requirement allows it to become even more unique, and to weave an emotional bond that gets sealed in every little stitch. Each new model, each combination, each experience and each suggestion initiates new ideas and opens new possibilities for Tchi Tchi. But if trends change, quality remains our top priority.

The Process


The design of the glamorous little doll starts with a trial phase, in which we determine the perfect combination of stones cuts, colors, shapes and sizes.


Once the design is chosen the stones are handpicked and carefully placed, one at a time, with extreme care and precision. We then pair them with the most adequate textiles and fabrics.


The final touch, the result is a unique little treasure that came to life and somehow acquired a soul.